OKTO receives PCI DSS certification

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The team at Maxima Compliance – the industry’s most established technical and regulatory compliance support firm – has made access to its Complitech tool free for everybody.

Complitech is the largest searchable database of technical requirements for the online gaming industry. It now features over 30 standards, including GLI-19 and GLI-33, every European market, Colombia and several US jurisdictions.

Over the past three years, Maxima’s technical compliance analysts have devoted thousands of hours to translating and categorizing requirements, manually tagging and matching them across jurisdictions.

Thanks to this effort, Complitech has become a highly dependable tool which some of the largest players in the industry are using to empower their compliance department and drive their software development.

Access to this tool is now open to everybody by simply visiting www.complitech.com and registering with an email address. The new version of the tool has the same functionalities of the subscription service, allowing you both to search the requirements of a single jurisdiction, or to create a gap analysis between those of multiple jurisdictions.

Once the user has completed their search and is satisfied with the results, they will now be prompted with the option to download the document containing the results of its searches for a fee. This fee will depend on the complexity of the market or the number of jurisdictions involved in the gap.

Antonio Zanghi, CEO of Maxima Compliance, said: “We are mindful that a lot of start-ups or smaller game studios might only need to do the occasional spot search, or might be focusing on entering one market at the time. This pay as you go functionality offers the power of this unique tool at a fraction of the usual cost, for the occasional user.”

Requirements have been clearly categorised as either belonging to the operator or the supplier, allowing companies to quickly identify those that apply to them. You can search requirements that are specific to a player account management system, a gaming platform, a sportsbook including virtual sports betting, every type of casino product offered in any regulated market, change management programmes and information security management systems.

Complitech has been brought to the gambling industry and is maintained by a large team of technical compliance analysts working at Maxima Compliance. The company has become popular for its unique blend of outsourced technical and regulatory compliance support services, allowing its customers to fast-track their entry into regulated markets.

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