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Gamecity Hamburg will present five companies and solo developers from Hamburg at the digital gamescom 2021 from August 25 to 29. The developers will show their new games at the joint Hamburg booth on the online platform Indie Arena Booth. gamescom is one of the most important events of the international games industry. In 2020, more than 2 million visitors attended the digital gamescom. The Indie Arena Booth Online will be accessible from August 25, 10 pm (CEST) at online.indiearenabooth.com and can be visited free of charge.

Hamburg presents itself as a games industry on the playable online platform Indie Arena Booth Online, which again invites visitors to discover numerous indie games at gamescom 2021 – free of charge and directly in their web browser. In addition to the Gamecity Hamburg location initiative, the Hamburg-based games companies Tiny Roar, Mooneye Studios, OneManOnMars, Klickaffen, and Radioactive Dreams will also be presenting their projects. Gamecity Hamburg enables the five studios to participate free of charge through the program “Road to gamescom 2021” to expand their networks, present their game projects to the media, influencers, and gamers, and win over future fans for their games.

Indie Arena Booth Online: A showcase for indies from around the world – innovation made in Hamburg

The Indie Arena Booth Online showcases the diversity of the indie game scene: visitors can explore the platform in their browser as avatars and discover a curated lineup of more than 120 games by independent developers from around the world at virtual booths.

The Indie Arena Booth is planned and produced by the Hamburg-based Super Crowd Entertainment, an event agency specialized in the games industry. In 2020, Super Crowd transformed the concept into a playable online platform within a few weeks – so that indie developers can present themselves to an international audience even in pandemic times. In May, Super Crowd was awarded a special prize for this at the German Computer Game Prize (Deutscher Computerspielpreis), awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport. For 2021, the Indie Arena Booth Online offers new features and sports a new look under the narrative theme “Summercamp of Doom”.

The five Hamburg indies at the Gamecity-Booth 2021

Tiny Roar: world-premiere for previously unannounced project „XEL”

Founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Tiny Roar will give the first glimpses of their sci-fi action-adventure XEL at gamescom 2021. XEL is currently being developed with the support of German federal games funding and publisher Assemble Entertainment. The official announcement of the game is planned for August 24, and on August 25 Tiny Roar will be featured with their game in the Gamevasion streaming program at gamescom.

Mooneye Indies present their first publishing project: „Haven Park”

Following the success of its own indie adventure game Lost Ember, Hamburg-based studio Mooneye now uses its marketing know-how to help other developers reach the right audience for their games under Mooneye’s new publishing label “Mooneye Indies”. Their first publishing project Haven Park takes the player to a lovingly animated nature and camping park. It was developed by solo dev Fabien Weibel and was released on August 5.

OneManOnMars shows “Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero”

OneManOnMars is the company of experienced game developer Roman Fuhrer, who is currently developing the hand-drawn 2D adventure “Leif’s Adventure” as a solo dev. He went through Gamecity Hamburg’s Games Lift Incubator program with the project in 2020 and is preparing to release the game in early 2022.

Radioactive Dreams: first playable demo of 2D-Platformer „Turbo Shell”

In 2020, three experienced game developers from Hamburg joined forces under the name Radioactive Dreams to develop a 2D platform game with novel game mechanics. The team received prototype funding through Gamecity Hamburg for their game Turbo Shell 2020. At gamescom 2021, they will show a playable demo of their project for the first time.

Klickaffen Studio: „Unbuild”

For 10 years already, freelance motion & interactive designer Matthias Mach has been producing games under the name Klickaffen for the “most personal gaming device ever”, as he calls his favorite platform – the smartphone. At the gamescom, he presents his work to an international industry event audience for the first time and shows his mobile casual game “Unbuild”.

Gamecity Hamburg: Tailored support for the Hamburg games industry

Gamecity Hamburg is the publicly financed location initiative to support the games industry in the northern-German City State of Hamburg. In addition to programs such as “Road to gamescom 2021” that aims to represent Hamburg and the companies based in Hamburg at international industry events, Gamecity Hamburg supports the regional industry with other tailored support programs:

Through the Games Lift Incubator, up-and-coming game developers and start-up founders from Hamburg receive intensive coaching and mentoring from international industry experts in addition to financial support. Gamecity Hamburg also supports the development of games prototypes in Hamburg through its Prototype Funding program. Each year, 400,000 euros are available for games prototypes from Hamburg, of which up to 80,000 euros can be applied per project. For the first time, there will be a second round of prototype funding in 2021. From August 30, developers, teams, and SMEs based in or relocating to Hamburg can apply for funding.

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