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B2B GAMING SERVICES (MALTA) LTD ( obtained a permanent license in Greece for online betting, casino, and other games, following a decision of the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC).

On the permanent licensing of the Company in Greece, its founder and international entrepreneur Mr. Gabriel Chaleplis, offered the following statement:

“Our efforts are always focused on the responsible and innovative offer of technology services to ensure and satisfy the online market, while at the same time we continue to increase our social footprint, with consistency and respect for society and the Greek state. The Hellenic Gaming Commission has shown professionalism and high co-operation throughout this complex process, and we should all highlight and thank them for that. We understand licensing under the new permanent regulatory framework as a reward for our decision that our Company cannot be absent from Greece. At the same time, we see it as an opportunity to continue our offer for the benefit of online players, society, and the State. We are here with our twenty-five years of experience, and we continue. “

B2B GAMING SERVICES (, a leading force in Europe for 25 years, is the platform and “action space” of the popular and rapidly growing, an environment that hosts thousands of betting options for sports betting, casino and games selected from leading international providers, with games that are constantly updated, while the overall gaming experience is accompanied by innovations that enhance the overall value of the services offered, including its unparalleled customer service, promptness of payments and player protection.

The process for the permanent licensing of online betting and gaming providers, began in October 2019 with the institution of the new Law by the Greek Parliament.

The licenses are issued by the Greek Licensing Authority (“Hellenic Gaming Commission”), in accordance with the new law 4635/2019 and the subsequent regulatory framework which “closed” a permanent backlog that existed since 2011, as in this market has been in force since then a transitional temporary licensing regime for online gaming.

The new permanent licenses have a duration of 7 years, the online betting market is open to new Companies, in addition to those temporarily licensed since 2011 who had the right to apply, while the Greek market shows significant dynamics and growth in recent years and is being considered among the most promising globally.

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