Increase Your Online Betting Odds with Cashback Offer from STICPAY

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With the finals of EURO 2020 and Wimbledon fast approaching (both Jul 11) and the summer of sport continuing with the Tokyo Olympics, sports betting fans face a wealth of exciting opportunities to have a flutter. But even if you don’t win big with your bets this summer, a new 10% cashback offer from e-payment wallet provider, STICPAY, could make any losses easier to bear.

Sports betting is a huge global industry and accounts for an estimated 30-40% of global gambling revenue. The industry reached a market size of $203bn in 2020 and employed almost 200,000 people in 31,000 businesses.

According to, 45% of sports bets are placed using a mobile phone and the online gambling market is expected to be worth more than $92.9bn in 2023.  This is a huge jump from the $59bn the market was valued at in Sep 2020 and highlights the rise of online gambling.

The cancellation of live events due to the pandemic will have impacted figures for 2020/21, but the return of sporting events this summer is set to boost the industry’s fortunes. As a rough guide there were more than 10 million bets placed during the 64 matches of the 2014 World Cup in France. This summer’s combination of EURO 2020, Wimbledon, Olympics and more will have online betting firms placing their bets on increased customers.

It’s fun and adds to the excitement of live sports, but there are things to be aware of when entering the world of online betting too. Aside from the risks associated with any form of gambling, online gambling could be subject to the same threats as any online activity, so you need to ensure your money is safe and that hackers won’t all of a sudden have access to your bank account or credit cards. There are many online betting firms around the world to choose from, but whichever you decide on, using an e-payment wallet, such as STICPAY, adds an extra layer of security to protect your money. Paying for your bet using your STICPAY wallet means your bank account or credit card details are never exposed to a third party.

Also STICPAY strictly screens both its merchants and consumers with regular KYC and AML checks. The company also employs advanced anti-fraud measures to eliminate threats and protect its customers.

An additional benefit to the STICPAY e-wallet is that payments can be made instantly in the currency of your choice, removing the need and cost of currency conversions. So, whether you are in Singapore betting on the Grand National in England, or in the South of France betting on the Tokyo Olympics, a STICPAY e-wallet makes it easy, immediate and secure – and the current 10% cashback offer makes this the perfect summer to try it out.

Client Service Director at STICPAY, James Bay, said: “We are conducting so much of our lives online now that it is essential to have a trusted, secure, convenient and easy to use means of making payments online. Paying directly with debit or credit cards online is not secure enough to protect us from the sophisticated hackers that are actively looking to steal people’s payment details, so that is why having an e-wallet like STICPAY is essential. Online sports betting and gambling can be a lot of fun and add to the excitement of live sporting events, but only if you know you are dealing with a trusted payment partner.”

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