Parimatch partners with UESF for the Ukrainian Esports Championship of CS: GO and Dota 2

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The Ukrainian Esports Federation is thrilled to announce the largest newest CS: GO and Dota 2 esports championship—the UESF Parimatch Championship of Ukraine with a total competition prize pool worth UAH 1,500,000.

UAH 1,000,000 will go to competition winners as will another UAH 250,000 but in the shape of game devices from the tournament partners, and the remaining UAH 250,000—also made up of game devices, monitors, and game PCs—will constitute the prize draw for tournament spectators and UESF subscribers on social networks.

The online part of the competition from UESF, Parimatch, and Eldorado will take place from July 17 to October 3, 2021, and the Grand Final of the Championship of Ukraine will take place in Kyiv’s WePlay Esports Arena in mid-October 2021 (exact date to be announced later).

Competition matches will be broadcast on TV with the support of the Megogo media service.

Format of the Championship of Ukraine in stages

In the first qualifying round, the matches will be held in a Best of One (BO1) Round-Robin format. The total number of registered competing teams will be divided into 16 groups.

In the second qualifying round, matches will again be played according to the BO1 Round-Robin system. Based on the results of the groups in the first qualifying stage, the TOP-4 teams will be invited to 4 groups (A, B, C, D); 16 teams will be competing in each group.

The main stage is the last qualifying stage before the playoffs of the Championship of Ukraine. It will be held according to the BO2 Round-Robin match format. The main stage consists of two leagues: League A and League B. The teams that took the first 6 places groups A and B are invited to compete in League A, while the top 6 teams from groups C and D receive invitations to League B.

In addition, the Organizing Committee of the Ukrainian Esports Federation invites another 4 teams to compete in this stage— two teams in League A and two in League B.

Hatemania, EC Dnipro, Purple Pills, and BlackSea have been invited to the semifinal stage of the CS: GO Championship of Ukraine.

The semifinals consist of playoffs in Leagues A and B and are held according to the single-elimination system with the BO2 match format—8 teams in each playoff. The teams that take the first 6 places in League A and B compete in this stage. In addition, the Ukrainian Esports Federation also invites 4 teams to perform at this stage—2 each from League A and League B.

Akuma, Esports Club Kyiv, Marlian Esports, and TBA have been invited to participate in the semifinals of the CS: GO Championship of Ukraine. And Burning Fire, BackStreetBoys, Cascade Esports, and PayForWin will take part in the semifinals of the Dota 2 tournament.

The 8 teams competing in the final, Super Playoffs, stage will be the TOP-4 teams from the playoffs of both League A and League B. The matches will be held according to the double-elimination system with the BO3 match format.

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