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It is very often we hear about innovative concepts in the gaming industry and most of them are in the blockchain sphere. Without any doubt, you need to navigate your way through huge chunks of information, but there is a project that keeps brewing out there and I thought that I share some of the information around it.

As the title suggests, Gamers plus DeFi plus blockchain and maybe add a bit of honest dedication, equals a project called Night Life Crypto.

After going through their Whitepaper in detail, I’ve found that their project is very interesting and happy to see that they’ve really done everything which planned from 2020.

The team at Night Life Labs produce AAA type Arcade games, Blockchain Integrated, Trading Card Games and much more.

The on-chain only AAA type Arcade games enable users to get achievements, which will award them with an NFT. The user are able to collect them and trade them in for prizes, or sell them in the upcoming marketplace! How cool is that?

Their tokenomics makes Night Life Crypto a self-sustaining platform where users have full control over their wallets by generating a seed phrase as well as the ability to activate the built in on-chain 2FA (or play anonymously if you wish). Users can also stake liquidity and earn NLIFE.

This leads us to talk about the DeFi part of the project, which is fascinating.

Users are able to purchase NLIFE on Pancakeswap, and provide liquidity. They can then stake their liquidity and receive a portion of each token transfer on Binance Smart Chain.

Next, they utilize a second layer solution. The gaming platform itself is built on Turtle Network, which has ultra-fast block times, and allows Night Life Crypto to sponsor assets. This means that the user doesn’t pay for transaction fees while playing arcade games and the transaction times are near instant.

We must also mention the fact that, NLIFE is a self-sustaining, all-on-chain gaming platform with zero fees for each game transaction, where users are able to stake liquidity. The NLIFE Gaming Platform brings several technical and strategic “firsts” to the online and blockchain gaming industry.

As a closing remark, I would like to add that I am very much looking forward to the future of online gaming and especially the transparency of the game, the secure and fast transactions, and of course the anonymity.

Read the Night Life Crypto whitepaper at –

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