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May 13, 2021

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Back in the day, you’d think nothing of a 12-hour gaming session. Now, with all of your responsibilities (work, childcare, relationships), it’s getting harder to fit gaming in. Unfortunately, this is just a normal part of life. As you get older, you get less time to indulge in your hobbies. However, it’s still important to fit the things you love into your day-to-day life. Here are the best gaming tips for busy people:

Play the games you love

When you’re on a limited schedule, you need to prioritize. Don’t spend your time trying out new games that you’re not sure about. Stick to the games you love. This way, you can guarantee that you will enjoy your gaming time. If you’ve only got an hour to play, you need to make sure that you enjoy every minute of it.

Don’t play time-wasting games

Some games are just there to waste our time. Developers are now under pressure to make open-world games that are highly interactive for players. This is great, but only if you have the time to play them. For example, you can spend hours hunting animals and shipping them across the map in Red Dead Redemption 2 for next-to-no reward. If you’re stuck for time, don’t play these long-winded time-wasting games. Stick to the main storyline or pick games that lend themselves to short bursts (more on this later).

Make sure games are downloaded in advance

You’ve been at work all day, then you’ve made dinner for the family, and now you can finally sit down and play your new game. But wait, it takes four hours to download! Every gamer has faced this frustration at one point or another. To avoid it, make sure games are downloaded well in advance. There’s nothing that will make your heart sink faster than having to wait another day to play your new game.

Play on the go

You don’t need to sit down in a quiet room to enjoy gaming. These days, you can game from pretty much anywhere. If your busy schedule involves a lot of traveling, buy a portable gaming setup or play on your mobile. Also, explore the world of browser games, flash games, and online casinos – like spin online casino – to fit gaming into your schedule.

Make it a social occasion

Choosing between gaming and family time is never easy. So why not add the two together? If you’ve got young kids, get them into gaming and play with them. Alternatively, find a game that your partner enjoys, so you can make gaming a more social occasion. This one might take some expert persuasion skills, but it will definitely give you more time to enjoy your gaming.

Choose games that suit short bursts

Some games are designed for those 12-hour marathons. Others are great to play in short bursts. Picking the latter will make it easier to fit gaming around your busy schedule. Driving games, sports games, and fighting games are all well-suited to short bursts. Adventure games and first-person shooters often require more of a time investment.

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