Star Sports strengthen retail business with new betting shop on Harrow Road

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NRM, creators of the market-leading Jigsaw touchscreen entertainment system, has confirmed a 20 percent year-on-year increase in the size of its customer-base. The increase is spread across the hospitality sector with sales and installations being conducted in venues including adult gaming centres, holiday parks, bingo clubs, pubs, social clubs and hotels.

Jigsaw’s extensive functionality which includes music, mobile app, karaoke, games, bingo and an interactive quiz has prompted Kate Glover Head of Entertainment, Woolacombe Group to confirm: “The Jigsaw system has proved itself an essential part of technology for holiday centres across the country and it continues to evolve to meet the demands of the industry.”

Freddie Shreeve, the NRM executive responsible for product sales including Jigsaw, believes the rapid expansion of the customer base is due to a combination of on-going product innovation as well as a training and support programme, which when possible is conducted face-to-face, but is also undertaken via Zoom and supplemented by a dedicated WhatsApp Group and a conventional helpline. He explained: “Jigsaw was first developed to meet the needs of the holiday park sector and it remains the touchscreen entertainment system of choice for a large number of progressive operators.

“The collaborative approach that we adopt with customers from all sectors not only means that they are directly involved in the innovation roadmap for the year ahead but we are also able to draw on their insight – including topics such as, product enhancements, content, graphics and the choice of backdrops – details which transform a great product into a really outstanding product – which is where I believe Jigsaw stands now. Despite the very real difficulties arising from the pandemic, Jigsaw’s customer base continues to expand across all sectors led by holiday parks, AGCs, pub and bingo.”

NRM’s commitment to training and support which goes way beyond the install, has helped create the Jigsaw brand. The delivery of bespoke training is a central part of the NRM philosophy, a commitment that has seen Steve Cook, Product Support Manager, traverse the country helping entertainment teams and operators understand the power of the Jigsaw system and how to get the very most out of the technology. He confirmed: “We undertake initial training as part of the installation programme and then revisit three to four weeks later with training updates conducted online and via WhatsApp. Whilst some companies might look to complete the sale and reduce to an absolute minimum the amount of time they spend with customers, our approach is to maximise our customer touchpoints. By developing relationships and ensuring the Ents Team know their Jigsaw product inside out we benefit massively by word-of-mouth recommendation as staff move around the parks as well as into other sectors of hospitality. Customers do talk and we want Jigsaw and its’ proven business enhancing capabilities to be part of their conversations.”

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