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The Irish are perhaps the most-loved fans in Sport. Their passion, good-spirit, and embodiment of the country is enjoyed across all sports they participate in. We celebrate their tenacity with a look at the best betting sites Ireland has and share with you a review of what games are loved most by the Irish, what the benefits of online gambling are and what players can get as rewards for joining Irelands best online casino sites.

Loved Sports in Ireland

Ireland has seen an increase of online gambling sites that are specifically aimed at their country due to the passion for sports the country has. When it comes to supporting national sports in Ireland, there is no match for the passion they bring, this is why we felt it was important to raise the awareness of not only the best online betting sites, but those that are fair, safe, and legal.

Although there are many outlets for betting within Ireland across the high streets, it is online where Irish players are able to reap the better rewards when it comes to gambling on both national and international sports.

Why is Online Gambling Preferred?

For those new to the recreation of online sports betting, why should it be something you consider or preferred rather over than a regular visit to the sports bookmakers found on the high street? Well, there are many reasons as to why online betting sites in Ireland are becoming more popular besides the obvious factor of convenience, given that in no time at all, you can find an Irish betting site online in seconds from your mobile smartphone and have bets placed within minutes after signing in.

Security and Trust

There is an abundance of Irish betting sites online that are met with regulatory approval. Betting sites are often tied in with online casinos and the whole platform is secured by the latest security programs and technologies, that are also tied in with payment services from your own banking operator.

The most popular software securing players online is that of Secure Socket Layering. This 128-Bit SSL encryption software uses a coding module that creates a firewall to protect all personal data and encrypts all information within that cannot be decoded from any external software that tries to breach it.

Live Streaming

In the field of sports betting, live streaming is a common service provided to registered casino members. Live streaming can be found across many of the major sporting events and with this, in-play betting opportunities that put Irish gamblers in the heart of the action. If you have a wager placed on any game where live streaming is scheduled, then you can watch without restriction. A benefit being that a majority of these games will not be shown on television.

Competitive Odds and Bigger Markets

Online, the markets are plentiful and as such, online betting sites are able to provide a wide range of betting services and odds to encompass them. This is where high street bookies are unable to complete, given that bets are restricted to what few market betting sheets are provided by the bookies.

With a wider birth of markets, odds become more competitive than the high street option. In no case will you ever be able to get better odds offline than you can online. Also, once you win, your winnings are instantly depositing into your online account. Now this does take away from that proud walk to the bookies to claim your winnings should you use offline services, but it also spares you that travel in the first place.

Legally Approved Platforms

All of Ireland’s online betting sites are registered in Europe and a handful with legal backing from the UK Gambling Commission. Irish players can play with confidence that they are legally supported and looked after by a number of regulatory authorities and by both the EU gambling laws and that of the Irish Betting Act of 1931.

Inside Ireland’s Top Betting Sites

Finding the best betting sites to apply with that are able to tick all the boxes is best done through comparison sites that are able to give impartial advice and independent honesty to what is available on the Irish markets. One such place is BetinIreland.ie which is a hub for not only the top betting sites Ireland players can join but also a site that offers exclusive bonus content and professional gaming advice. We spoke with Orla Byrne Editor-in-Chief to discuss the rising popularity of online sports betting in Ireland.

No matter where you live, online gambling platforms are always going to make its way to you. Despite the internet services being very quick in setting platforms up across all manner of industries, the rollout in getting the audience to your site can be slow. For Ireland, betting sites were always going to become available, and they have been for a while, but making players aware is what takes time and patience. Our services are there to guide players from Ireland to the best betting sites online that offer the perfect sporting solutions with the added benefit of having a casino market as well that comes with live gaming experiences and first-class services to support the player’s time inside.”

There are a number of sports that are favoured by the Irish and all of them are accessible within the online services of Ireland’s top sports betting sites. From the Irish football leagues to the major horse racing events of the Irish Derby, let’s look at the top sporting options loved by Irish punters.

Gaelic Football: Specific to Ireland, this sport incorporates qualities of both football and rugby, making it one of the more unique ball sports out there. Its ties to Ireland make it essential for online sports bookies to provide games within this category.

Horse Racing: The Irish and horse and somewhat symbolic of each other. For centuries, the Irish have been famed for their rearing and handling of horses. From jockey to owner, the Irish know all there is to know about these mighty thoroughbreds. As a sports betting option, horse racing enthusiasts will have access to one of the largest sporting fixtures list imaginable with races every day from all over the world, not just Ireland.

Football: Perhaps the biggest sport in the world and most certainly the most covered in terms of sports betting markets. With hundreds of betting options from a host of national and international footballing fixtures, you can celebrate wins for both your number one team and yourself should your sporting knowledge and luck come together. You’ll have access to the EPL, the NIFL, UEFA Champions League, LaLiga, Serie A, and many more.

Rugby: Covering the Irish Rugby Union and the Energia All Ireland League, fans of Irish rugby will have their favourite teams and sport to hand. There will also be all other major leagues from across the world including the English Super League, the NRL, and the European Rugby Champions Cup to name a few that you can bet on.

Sports Betting Bonuses

Online, players are able to access sporting bonuses that will help them in a number of ways from free bets bonus code offers to cashback rewards. Sportsbook bonuses can be found online through welcome bonus offers when signing up as a newly registered member of a betting website and through general all year promotions. Whilst bonuses may be restricted to just a handful of specific games to bet on, they nevertheless offer up some very beneficial opportunities that can lead to free money being won should a deposit not be required. Double that with your team winning and it could make for the perfect day.

With any free bet bonuses or deposit bonuses, customers must read and review the T&Cs offered by the bookmaker. The terms will go over the wagering requirements of the bet, the eligible sports the bonus can be used on, the minimum odds that the customer cannot go beyond, the days the bonus is valid for and much more.

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