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Everyone loves roulette. It’s a game of chance that has dominated the gambling industry for centuries and things went skyward since it moved online. Online roulette completely redefined the game with new exciting variants offering even more thrills than before. One of the most notable roulette games was just released by Expanse Studios and is called Mini Power Roulette.

The game is available exclusively at Meridianbet casino and has already made a lot of fans. Mini roulette has been a popular choice with new players thanks to the mini layout and design and the limited number of bets and payouts. This time, Expanse Studios has taken things up a notch, coming up with a roulette wheel with only 13 numbers with a power number slot and power payout added to the mix.

The result is an incredibly powerful bite-sized roulette wheel that you’ll surely love to play. Try it at Meridianbet casino right now and you’ll be impressed with the results.

How to Play Mini Power Roulette

Playing Mini Power Roulette is really simple. The game is available for free and real money in Meridianbet casino. You can try the demo without registering an account and you should do so since it will give you an idea of how the game is played. When you’re ready to play for cash, you can fund your account in Meridianbet casino with ease and play to win real money in return.

The game is played on a mini wheel based on European roulette. There are 13 numbers in total labeled 0 to 12. As expected, the green slot is 0, with the red numbers being 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12 and the black labeled 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11.

Like in all roulette games, your goal is to predict where the ball lands. This time, you have less numbers to choose from and the payouts are adjusted for it. Once you place your bet, you hit the spin button to let the ball roll. Payouts are calculated at the end of each spin. You can see them all on the bet table. To hit the power payout, you will need to match the number on the wheel with the power number. Power payouts cover Straight Up bets only, with the possible options being x20, x50, and x100.

Simple and Effective Design

If the ball lands on zero, you will get half of your stake back for any bet that doesn’t cover the green pocket. The game’s layout and design make it easy to play it. Regardless of your device, it’s easy to play Mini Power Roulette in Meridianbet casino. thanks to the smaller wheel design, the game scales perfectly on mobile devices.

No need to download anything to play it – you can just use the instant play platform. The game has a guide in the top right corner marked with i that will surely help new players find their footing.

In technical terms, the game’s RTP is 96.15%. All the payouts are listed on the pay table. A Straight Up bet pays a max of x10, with splits paying x6 your bet. The Power Payouts are much higher, but also less likely to hit. Mini Power Roulette also includes stats on the 26 last drawn numbers and stats on the past 100 too.

If you’re looking for a mini roulette game that’s easy to play, Mini Power Roulette is a perfect choice. Thanks to fewer numbers and the power payouts, you will surely love what Mini Power Roulette has to offer.


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