Leadstar Media Launches a New Comparison Site for the French Canadian Market


Leadstar Media has expanded its product portfolio with a new website focused on the French Canadian market. With this launch, Leadstar Media offers its first French-language project targeting a market outside of France.

As a bilingual country, more than 20% of Canadians speak French. Leadstar Media now serves both English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians, with mybettingsites.com/ca and lebonparisportif.com/ca respectively.

Louis Jouhet, General Manager of Operations at Leadstar Media, said: “After seeing a high percentage of users accessing our French language platforms from Canada, we felt it was necessary to expand our product with a new website with tailored content for French Canadian bettors.”

As the name would suggest, Le Bon Pari Sportif’s (the best sports betting sites) primary focus is to scour the Canadian market in search of the best betting sites and the best promotions for French speakers.

Jacob Ljunggren, Director of Operations at Leadstar Media, said: “We have experienced significant growth for our products in Canada and France in the past couple of years, and French-speaking people in Canada are the natural next target group for us. Canada has the third-largest population of any country in North America, and Canadians have a big interest in both sports and betting. It’s a market that possesses substantial growth potential in both the long and short-term.”

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