Canada’s Gambling Regulations

Gambling is a hugely popular pastime in Canada. People take part in it online and in person. The gambling rules and regulations in Canada are subject to territorial and provincial laws. In turn, this can be tricky for newcomers.

Of course, It is legal to gamble in Canadian online casinos. However, only if it is a licensed website or run by the province’s government in which you live.

There are various illicit gambling offenses included under the Criminal Code of Canada. To avoid them, keep reading to find out where and when you may play casino games.

Provincial and Territorial Gambling Laws

Gambling laws are provincial and territorial. This means that you will experience a great variation across Canada. The following are places and their regulations:


Gambling is a popular pastime. In Alberta, they have 25 land-based active casinos. In addition, sports wagering is legal, but only in the form of parlay bets.

British Columbia

They have 15 land-based casinos. In addition, they also have two gambling sites.


The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba regulates all forms of gambling in Manitoba. In fact, they have a limit on online gambling, which is only a maximum of C$250 that can be used in sports betting per day.


It has numerous casinos and many places offering slot machines. Notably, the gambling laws in Ontario are relatively lenient. You can play at PlayOLG, bet on Pro-Line, or sign up for an offshore site to play online.


It’s one of the provinces with friendly gambling regulations. In fact, people here can access any offshore casino. Moreover, they can gamble on Espacejeux, a government-run site. Lastly, in any sports betting site, parlay bets are peaceable.

New Brunswick

Although one can gamble in land-based gaming halls, there is just one location where you may play.

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, there are two land-based government-owned casinos. They also have two online sites for gamblers.

Yukon Territory

There can never be a permanent land-based casino here. However, a maximum of three-day temporary licenses are available.

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories does not have any land-based casinos. Even though the law permits both land-based and online, there aren’t many to choose from just yet.

Prince Edward Island

Only Pro-Line betting is accessible online in this province. Similarly, no land-based casino gambling is available.

Residents of the province can play at any casino located in another country or region.

Newfoundland and Labrador

However, there are no regulated casino sites in this province because of the province’s rules. You can, however, use the Pro-Line service or an offshore gaming site to put sports bets up to C$250.

How to know sites that you can trust?

A safe and secure website is a critical consideration while looking for a gambling platform. Make sure it has encryption first. It is then licensed and regulated in Canada before using it.

The requirement that an online casino must meet

As a Canadian bettor, you need to know the importance of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. However, we are not going to discuss them, but look at some of its set requirements for online casinos:

  • The online gambling operator should use quality software.
  • Also, only people over the age of 21 should be able to gamble.
  • Have independent casino audits.
  • Similarly, sites should secure their users by encryption of their data. It will prevent it from being accessed by anybody other than the intended recipients.
  • Additionally, sites should ensure that winners receive their winnings, even if it’s a substantial quantity.
  • Lastly, players, before beginning to play, should be aware of any and all terms and restrictions that apply.