North Star Sports, the Canadian company providing sports betting advice, is now offering a $1000 bonus to customers who open a betting account with the firm.

North Star Sports treats sports betting like an investment vehicle. Between January 1 and August 31, clients who have heeded the advice of the company have seen an average profit of $9000 for every $100 bet after starting with a $1000 bankroll.

“We pride ourselves on complete customer service and not just giving you games to wager on. We assist you in every aspect, from establishing a sportsbook account, to withdrawing your winnings and everything in between. The majority of our clients knew very little about the sports market before dealing with us, but they all had one thing in common: the willingness to take chances in life and the desire to make money,” a spokesperson for North Star Sports said.

The $1000 stake being offered by North Star Sports follows the recent passage of a law by the Canadian Parliament allowing single-event wagering to sports-betting fans and prior to the start of the National Football League season.

The NFL’s popularity is at an all-time high and every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, people across the world are studying statistics, matchups, and trends to get an edge on betting lines from various sportsbooks that offer NFL markets.

Placing bets throughout the NFL season can be a fun and profitable endeavor, especially if a person puts in the time and effort. For bettors, North Star Sports does the heavy lifting, so all they have to do is read the company’s expert opinions and tips to have a greater understanding of how to bet on NFL games and enjoy an increase in winnings from the preseason to the Super Bowl.

North Star Sports also provides sports betting advice on how to win against large casinos and on baseball, golf, hockey, and soccer.

North Star Sports does not begin charging clients until they have made money with the firm. “We don’t charge you upfront for our plays. We give you our plays as we come up with them, you wager on them, you win or lose with them and we make nothing until you have realized a sizeable profit from our hard work. At that point, you make the decision whether to begin paying for our services and we continue working together or you can decide to call it quits; simply keep your winnings and we all part as friends with no hard feelings. The fees are not set in stone and are individually tailored to each of our clients based on bankroll size, size of their wagers, wagering frequency and risk tolerance,” the spokesperson said.

North Star Sports will assist clients in opening an account with a sportsbook but does not accept wagers or place them on behalf of clients.


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