Fintech for Inclusion Global Summit to bring some of world’s most innovative financial start-ups to London on September 12


Accion Venture Lab, the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO, today announce the Fintech for Inclusion Global Summit that will take place in London on Thursday, September 12.

The summit will see over 40 fintech companies from 5 continents come together with investors, regulators, and other stakeholders in the global inclusive fintech community to discuss how innovations in embedded finance, AI, and other emerging technologies can be leveraged to meet the financial needs of vulnerable communities, including women and smallholder farmers. Globally, nearly 2 billion people are excluded from the financial system, lacking a safe place to save money, credit to manage and grow businesses, and insurance to protect against disasters. Micro, small and medium businesses are facing a $5 trillion credit gap.

Accion Venture Lab’s Managing Partner Rahil Rangwala said, “By bringing this group of fintech innovators together in London – one of the world’s most dynamic financial capitals – we can explore new ways of providing high-quality financial solutions to underserved clients globally. Participants will learn the latest industry insights and forge new partnerships, as they adapt to the rapidly evolving business landscape.”

Companies present at the summit are already leveraging new uses of technology and data to provide responsible financial services to low-income groups in innovative new ways. From using transport data to provide financing to operator-owned truck drivers in Pakistan, to deploying AI so small-scale pharmacies in Kenya can improve access to quality medicines and reduce waste, they are solving pain points for small businesses and low-income groups across emerging economies.

Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth’s Executive Vice President for Global Programs, Payal Dalal, comments that: “With their ability to connect underserved people to the digital economy, often for the first time, fintech innovators have a key role to play in tackling global challenges and making economic growth more inclusive. The Fintech for Inclusion Summit will bring together leaders and frontline practitioners to share their learnings and build new connections, which is a vital part of driving scale.”

Speaking on the topic, Marieke Roestenberg, Manager of FMO Ventures Program, said: “We are pleased to once more co-host this important event with Accion Venture Lab – now in partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth – to bring together industry leaders focused on developing innovative fintech solutions for underserved communities. Holding the event in London this year will enable more key stakeholders to join the conversation and explore collaboration opportunities.”

Accion Venture Lab organizes the Fintech for Inclusion Global Summit as part of its work with entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses that address gaps in financial services around the world. It is a leading early stage fintech investor with a 10+ year track record of delivering financial and social returns. With its global team, it provides hands on strategic and operational support that is critical to the success of early-stage companies, while quickly spotting and responding to global trends, and sharing learnings across geographies.

Speakers will include TS Anil, CEO of Monzo, Jorn Lambert, Chief Product Officer of Mastercard, Jonathan Whittle, Managing Partner of Quona, and Michael Schlein, CEO of Accion. Conference partners include the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Citi Foundation, and FMO Entrepreneurial Bank. For more information and tickets see