AvidXchange CEO Shares His Vision for Revolutionizing Software-Enabled Payments on Today’s Marketplace


Today’s Marketplace (TMP) is proud to announce a featured interview with AvidXchange CEO & Co-Founder Michael Praeger, who shares his game-changing solutions for software-enabled payments.

The middle-market segment has unique problems in how they approve, manage, and actually pay their suppliers and vendors.

Did you know that late payments resulting in late fees can be particularly distressing for middle-market organizations? That is why many companies are making accounts payable (AP) automation a top priority to reduce costs and stay competitive. AvidXchange is helping transform AP into a software-enabled service to improve efficiency and bolster businesses’ financial health.

“We automate the accounts payable and the payment process for middle-market companies,” said Praeger to Host Jane King. “We focus on the middle-market segment, which is different from small-business or enterprise, and what we find is the middle-market segment has unique problems in how they approve, manage, and actually pay their suppliers and vendors.” Praeger outlines how AvidXchange’s software is “…integrated to the buyers’ core accounting systems to make it a seamless process for them in executing and managing all their expense transactions.”

Just as AvidXchange is leading the way for AP automation, the Heider College of Business is building the future of FinTech. Dean and Professor of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Creighton UniversityAnthony Hendrickson, PhD addresses the need for finance students to stay current with evolving FinTech advancements. “Financial fraud poses a significant threat to middle market companies. Our new FinTech major prepares students to become immediate contributors at firms with innovative software like AvidXchange. Together, great software and well-educated graduates empower businesses to implement robust safeguards against fraudulent activities, ensuring their financial integrity and sustained growth in an increasingly complex marketplace.”

TMP produces compelling interviews covering complex and important topics for investor-facing distribution. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to appear on Today’s Marketplace to discuss our solutions at AvidXchange,” said Praeger. “Automating the accounts payable process is becoming increasingly crucial for companies looking to reduce costs and drive efficiencies, and AvidXchange is committed to powering this transformation.”