IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that the IBM Payments Center joined the Swift Partner Programme.

The IBM Payments Center® is a comprehensive payments-as-a-service solution that uses open, standards-based technologies to deliver managed payment and cash management services. It helps financial institutions and other businesses modernize their payment platforms and access the latest cognitive and AI technologies in a highly secure environment.

By joining the Swift Partner Programme, the IBM Payments Center creates new opportunities to collaborate with all Swift members, including more than 11,000 banking institutions in over 200 countries. This is an opportunity for the IBM Payments Center to efficiently deliver access and integrate and develop new payment solutions by leveraging an expanded offering of application user interfaces (API) and comprehensive access to API testing material, documentation, and accreditation status.

The IBM Payments Center provides end-to-end cloud-based Swift connectivity that adheres to the controls defined by Swift’s infrastructure and client security programs, eliminating the need for clients to host and manage Swift’s required hardware and software.

“The payments industry is on the cusp of dramatic transformation that requires modern infrastructure and the ability to process more efficiently than ever. We’re pleased to offer a solution to the global Swift community that delivers the advantages of the latest technology without the significant costs associated with development, maintenance, and compliance,” said Andrew Higgins, Senior Partner and Global Payments Leader at IBM Consulting. “Our platform partnership with Swift brings the power of IBM and the reach of Swift to deliver value for financial institutions and other businesses looking for end-to-end solutions for a broad array of payment services.”

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