DreamStart Labs announced that its award-winning DreamSave app, which helps unbanked people in emerging markets access loans, has passed 1 million transactions. DreamSave, which was recently named “Best Developing World Technology” by Fast Company magazine, is a market-leading fintech solution for informal community banking. With new transactions doubling every quarter, a growing number of people around the world now rely on DreamSave as their primary financial services platform.

For over half the world, the dream of financial independence often seems out of reach. Traditional banks can be expensive and inflexible – and if you’re a woman living in poor rural village, they may not be available at all. DreamStart Labs was founded by former Silicon Valley executives to solve this problem. The company’s DreamSave app changes the game, making it easy for people to save money and access loans through community savings groups. Collectively, these groups manage billions of dollars each year in some of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

“Our passion is to help underserved people in emerging markets achieve their dreams of a better life,” said Wes Wasson, CEO of DreamStart Labs. “We’re excited to see so many people around the world put their trust in us as we work hard to make financial services fast, easy, and affordable for everyone.”