Asian Fintech Credit Management Leader Flow Doubles Revenue, Prepares for Series B


Flow, the Asian fintech credit management leader, announced today that it has been observing a strong recovery of consumer credit collection revenue from the COVID-driven market slowdown. Operating across VietnamIndonesia, and India, Flow’s run-rate revenue in the recent months has more than doubled compared to the beginning of 2021 and is now 50% higher than its prior historical record level of Q4 2020.

With consumer credit around the region rebounding strongly, Flow sees enormous market opportunity for ethical and fintech-powered credit management and debt purchasing. To capitalize on this opportunity, Flow has been continuing to invest heavily in its unique technology platform EQATE (Ethical Quality Assurance Tech Engine) – a proprietary AI-based quality assurance module that includes voice to text translation, AI based word/phrase cloud screening, and emotion detection. The launch of EQATE redefines credit management quality management in Southeast Asia, by delivering on FLOW’s brand promise of complete reputational risk guarantee to its consumer lender partners.

Flow has also recently secured a path towards entering the highly lucrative debt purchasing in India by attaining an FPI license in that country and is evaluating market entry into other countries in Southeast Asia.

“We are very excited about the road ahead,” says Tomasz Borowski, FLOW’s Founder and CEO. “This year has not been easy for our consumer lending clients, the borrowers that we service, and our employees. However, we can see that the market has turned the corner, and we are back on the growth curve in South and Southeast Asia that has already created multi-billion dollar shareholder outcomes in this sector in many other markets.”

“We can also see that the fintech sector in Southeast Asia is justly attracting enormous investor attention in the recent months, with our investor relations team experiencing significant inbound investor interest. We plan to capitalize on this interest and our strong performance by initiating the process for our Series B equity round,” added Borowski.

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