1SilverBullet, a oneofitskind transformational financial B2B gateway for three verticals within the financial services space: Investments, Insurance, and Lending, launched today. A COVID-born startup, 1SilverBullet has been introduced after 3 months of beta testing, with an aim to democratize and streamline workflows through technology. Serving as a fully digitized single point of contact protocol connecting investors and financial institutions, this revolutionary platform has been founded by serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and former CEO of Miles Software – Milan Ganatra.

For years the investment space in India has been a cluttered network of advisers, intermediaries, as well as insurance agents. All of which have resulted in excessive documentation and a disjointed infrastructure. Recognizing the need for a more secure workflow, 1SilverBullet was conceived as a comprehensive, tech-integrated platform for investors seeking trustworthy, transparent and efficient transactions. Functioning primarily as a B2B gateway infrastructure, this imaginative solution will build networks that allow businesses to communicate with financial product manufacturers through an API. Ultimately, enabling these businesses to provide investor-friendly experiences with intelligent tools to successfully facilitate transmissions of investment products like AIFs, MFs, PMS, and similar options.

With operations beginning at a nascent stage in March 2021, the company has already witnessed a strong start with 12 major customers on board so far; including Marcellus and Abakkus, all of which are substantial asset management firms. With 30+ new customers being on boarded in the next two months, 1SilverBullet’s reach will encompass nearly a third of the country’s significant PMS providers.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Milan Ganatra, Founder & CEO, 1SilverBullet said, Entrepreneurship has always been my calling and 1SilverBullet was my next big plunge after Miles Software. Infact, the idea behind 1SilverBullet came to me way back when I was there. In my dual role as tech provider and an investor, I witnessed the broken chain of communication firsthand. Heavily dependent on paper trails, this network was doing more harm than good and in some cases; even posing as a deterrent for potential investors. There needed to be a solution that plugged the gap.

“My extensive experience in the financial services and products industry gave me vision and insight into what a company like 1SilverBullet could become. The goal is to establish the company as a leading financial gateway not only in India, but also in other Asian countries, with an aim to achieve a topline of at least $200 million in the next 5 years. So far, with a team of young dynamic minds led by some incredibly seasoned voices we seem to be on track to achieve our audacious goals,” he added.

Self-funded by Milan Ganatra himself, the company plans to broaden its verticals to alternative avenues that include travel, transportation, and much more as a following step after building a sustainable user-base. The venture plans to initiate a round of fundraising towards the end of the year.