Matej Novota

Matej Novota

  • Head of Data & Complaints at Casino Guru

Matej Novota is Casino Guru's Head of Data & Complaints. He oversees the Complaint Resolution Team, ensuring smooth resolutions for player complaints from all around the world. Matej also oversees the Data Team in collecting, evaluating, and updating crucial casino-related data, shaping the internet's largest and most current online casino database.

Previously, Matej excelled as a software specialist and engineer. His journey with Casino Guru started when the database held only about 40 online casinos. Swiftly, Matej played a key role in creating a thorough online casino review process.

This process enables comprehensive ratings, reflecting the casinos' quality, safety, and player-centric approach. Over time, Matej refined Casino Guru's data-driven methodology, keeping the site's casino reviews unmatched.

For those looking to connect, Matej frequents major online gambling conferences in London, Malta, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Manila, Dubai, and Cyprus, staying updated on crucial industry developments, while fostering connections.

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