Martin Varrand

Martin Varrand

  • Chief Revenue Officer at Hit Gaming

This seasoned marketing leader has carved a niche in driving substantial growth within the iGaming and Crypto industries, boasting a remarkable track record over the past year. With a keen focus on leveraging expertise to spearhead marketing endeavors and business expansion across global markets in the Crypto sphere, this individual has demonstrated unparalleled proficiency.

With a career dedicated to optimizing performance and securing results for iGaming brands, their skill set spans a wide array of disciplines. From Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Biddable strategies to Media Buying, Operational Management, Strategic Planning, and beyond, their expertise encompasses Sales & Marketing Leadership, Branding, and Content Marketing, ensuring consistently outstanding outcomes.

Over seven years in the Gaming Industry, this leader has engaged in fruitful collaborations with multiple brands, honing a specialization in Sportsbook, Online Casino, and Poker products. In these capacities, they have successfully orchestrated the restructuring and assembly of high-performing marketing teams. By rallying talented individuals around the shared goal of exceeding expectations, they have fostered environments of exceptional performance.

The foundation of their approach to success is built on a trio of core values: unwavering discipline, relentless dedication, and a steadfast commitment to hard work. Rejecting the notion of shortcuts, they embody the belief that true achievement is the result of enduring effort. These principles have been the driving force behind their career, steering them towards the fulfillment of their ambitious goals.

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Day 0 - Reception (03.06) 06/03/2024 6:00 pm
Day 1 06/04/2024 8:00 am
Day 2 (27.03) 03/27/2024 12:00 am
Day 1 (26.03) 03/26/2024 8:00 am
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