Mark Arrigo

Mark Arrigo

  • Managing Architect at MA Architects & Structural Engineers

The Authentic Brief and MA Architects have partnered to produce innovative and environmentally friendly stand designs for exhibitions, conferences, and fairs. The Authentic Brief is a creative concept and design agency known for its eye-catching designs and commitment to sustainability, while MA Architects is a leading architectural firm founded and managed by Mark Arrigo, who is an expert in architecture, structural engineering and sustainability.

Together, the two brands bring their respective strengths to create stunning and sustainable stand designs that put eco-friendliness at the heart of each concept. With a shared vision and passion for producing beautiful designs that are environmentally friendly, The Authentic Brief and MA Architects are poised to make a lasting impact in the industry by changing the approach to successful stand production.

Mark has a deep interest in sustainable construction having a LEED® Green Associate™ credential with the aim to assist clients in making the right low carbon decisions.

All Sessions by Mark Arrigo

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Warsaw 2023 - (31 October) 10/31/2023 8:00 am
EG Q2 Meetup - CEST Timezone 06/14/2023 10:00 am
Budapest 2023 - Day 2 (27 September) 09/27/2023 8:00 am
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