Jakub Tesař

Jakub Tesař

  • Innovation, Digital & Emerging Tech Lead at EY

Jakub is an Innovation, Digital & Emerging Tech Lead at EY's Technology Consulting practice in Prague and a former member of EY's Global Innovation in San Francisco. After graduating from Cybernetics and Robotics at Czech Technical University, he joined EY, where he co-creates strategic business opportunities with major regional and global clients from the finance, energy, technology, retail, and public sectors and helps them turn these into innovative transformation initiatives leveraging emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, XR, IoT & 5G. As an Innovation Lead, Jakub focuses on exploring new ideas and value propositions, shaping business models, building new ventures, and managing (corporate) innovation portfolios and culture development while exploring opportunities enabled by emerging & disruptive tech. He has extensive hands-on experience with innovation methodologies, Ethereum ecosystem, web3, DeFi, and metaverse, as well as Agile frameworks, coaching & App development, and prototyping.

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10:20 - 11:10

Blockchain in the CEE region and beyond

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