Greg McMullen

Greg McMullen

  • Special Counsel to Segev LLP

Greg is special counsel to Segev LLP. He brings a mix of legal and technical expertise to his practice.

Greg started his career in plaintiff-side class action litigation in privacy and competition law, then shifted his focus to technology law with a specialization in blockchain law, including matters related to decentralized ledger technologies, DAOs, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, virtual worlds, and other ongoing developments in the space.

Greg got his start working on blockchain projects as in-house counsel at a blockchain start-up in 2015 and has been a hands-on specialist in the space ever since. Greg represents clients in privacy, intellectual property, corporate law, and security matters, as well as in civil litigation.

Greg has a JD from the University of British Columbia (2009), a MA from the University of Calgary (2006), and a BA from the University of New Brunswick (2003). He was called to the bar in 2010.

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