Gáspár Sidó

Gáspár Sidó was born and raised in Târgu Mureș. He is currently an 11th-grade student at Bolyai Farkas High School. Gáspár has tremendous admiration for science, he likes partaking in social events and he particularly enjoys long educational discussions about a wide variety of subjects. Gáspár is deeply interested in culinary arts, he spends a significant amount of his free time cooking and educating himself about it. In summary, Gáspár describes himself as someone who longs for learning and developing himself.

All Sessions by Gáspár Sidó

Prague 2023 - Day 3 *30 March 03/30/2023 8:30 pm
Prague 2023 - Day 2 *29 March 03/29/2023 8:00 am
Prague 2023 - Day 1 *28 March 03/28/2023 6:30 pm
TECH Q Meetup series (inaugural) - 2022 - CET Timezone 11/07/2022 10:00 am
CEEGC Budapest '22 09/16/2022 8:00 am