Deborah Boecha

Deborah Boecha

  • Founder and CEO at Onit Center

Currently founder and CEO at Onit Center - Development Center based in New York helping companies find clients in different countries globally. We have a strong focus in Latin America. Active member at SGWIT program hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Background in Media and Education, co-founded an advertising company based in Silicon Valley. Previous experience in Investor Relations with a US based hedge fund. Strong background in Business Development working mainly in IT Solutions (SaaS), Sustainability, Solar, Gaming, Fashion, Investment Banking, Cryptocurrency and Commodities industries worldwide.

Columnist at OdT - El Observatorio del Trabajo in Argentina with a program called 'Business Development Trends' sharing insights and tips to entrepreneurs on global opportunities to scale their businesses.

Specialties include Business Development, IT Services, buyers and sellers Group, Top Banks, Sustainability Solutions, Carbon Offsets, Financial Instruments, Trading, Financial, Investment Banking, Investor Relations, Commodities.

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