Anna Wietrzyńska-Ciołkowska

Anna Wietrzyńska-Ciołkowska

  • Head of the games and gambling practice at DWF Poland

Anna is a corporate / M&A lawyer focused on the gambling and insurance sectors.

With respect to gambling, she advises clients on establishing and licencing of gambling operations in Poland, multijurisdictional provision of gambling services to Polish residents, promotional lotteries, sports betting, supplies of games on gaming machines, gambling features of computer games and lotteries, acquisition of gambling companies and structuring cooperation among shareholders in those companies, outsourcing of gambling functions, gambling restrictions related to payments and advertising, as well as gambling tax matters. Prior to joining DWF, Anna was involved in the legislation process representing the offshore gambling sector and she assisted clients in challenging unfavourable decisions before the administrative courts.

With respect to the insurance sector, Anna provides corporate, transactional and restructuring advice for insurers and insurance brokers, including legal assistance in the processes of acquisition or sale of shares or insurance assets / business, mergers of insurers or transfer of insurance portfolios as well as ongoing corporate advice.

Based on her over 15 years of experience in corporate and restructuring transactions in different sectors, she regularly provides comprehensive legal advice to W&I insurers in underwriting processes related to shares or asset transactions on the Polish market.

Anna specialises in complex or innovative projects, also with a cross-border aspect, requiring coordination of numerous workstreams provided by different teams from different jurisdictions and/or sectors, like multijurisdictional transfer of shares or assets, restructurings and reorganisations, downstream mergers, structuring cooperation between companies in capital groups or conversions.

She publishes articles on corporate, insurance and gambling matters in national and international media and actively participates in gambling conferences, also as a speaker. In 2018 she co-authored a book on the compliance of the Polish gambling law with EU law, published by Wolters Kluwer.

She also has experience in knowledge management and in-house lawyer work.

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