Andrei Buiu

Andrei Buiu

  • Cyber Security Specialist at CryptoData Romania

Andrei Buiu has graduated from tge University of Liverpool and has great experience in software engineering and has worked with IoT devices and in cybersecurity, where he sold two patents. He is currently passionate about blockchain-based technologies, fullstack development and is a cybersecurity specialist at CryptoData.

All Sessions by Andrei Buiu

CEEGC Budapest '22 09/16/2022 8:00 am
Prague Gaming Summit '22 06/21/2022 8:00 am
TECH Conference Series Spring 2022 03/30/2022 10:30 am
10:30 - 11:30 CET

Cybersecurity and Privacy in the era of Blockchain and AI

TECH Meetup Baltics '22 05/11/2022 8:00 am
MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit 2022 05/12/2022 8:00 am