MegaFans Summer Esports Tournament Offers $100K Prize Pool of Crypto, NFTs, Virtual Rewards and More


MegaFans, the first open-source esports platform bridging Web2 and Web3, has announced that its Summer Extravaganza Tournament will have a $100,000 prize pool, an opportunity for its rapidly growing base of mobile gamers to win cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more.

MegaFans is the first to market NFTs for esports to date and the only platform to execute it successfully. The scope of the tournament and the vast prize pool show that MegaFans is excelling in the competitive eSports landscape, company officials said.

“This tournament demonstrates that MegaFans is doing something unique and establishing itself as a leader in the gaming world. We couldn’t invest in such a sizable pool of rewards for our gamers without such a strong fan base and a financial model that works. Even in an overall bear market, we’re performing well and positioned for further growth,” CEO Jeff Donnelley said.

MegaFans also announced that a portion of all entry fees collected will be donated to charity, in keeping with its mission.

“Since we began the company, MegaFans has been committed to supporting underserved communities. Our first tournament supported an all-women’s coding school in Afghanistan, and we’re reaching out to coding schools in southeast Asia and in Africa. We hope our support today can build careers and change lives,” Donnelley said.

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