D-BOX Technologies and Razer combine their talents to announce the Enki Pro HyperSense concept gaming chair at the Consumer Electronics Show

The first Razer gaming chair powered by immersive D-BOX high-fidelity haptic technology

D-BOX Technologies Inc. (D-BOX) (TSX: DBO), a world leader in immersive and realistic haptic experiences, is partnering with Razer (Razer), the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, to design the first concept Razer gaming chair featuring D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic technology. The prototype project showcased in Las Vegas creates immersive touch-sensory feedback for lifelike sensations based on cues from games and a variety of fully integrated entertainment mediums.

This concept product showcases direct haptic feedback from passive and interactive content ranging from games to streaming libraries featuring over 2,000 movies and TV series. The chair can be seen in the Razer booth #15076 in the Central Hall at the Consumer Electronics Show until January 8, 2022.

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Razer is constantly looking to innovate and to improve the gaming experience. Haptics open up a world of possibilities, be it via chairs, headsets or any other accessory, and we’re still tapping into the full potential of how this evolving technology will enhance the gaming experience,” said Jeevan Aurol, associate director of product marketing at Razer. “Haptics are part of the gaming industry’s future, so working with an experienced industry leader like D-BOX was an obvious choice for us.

“High-fidelity haptics, a D-BOX technology road-tested for over 20 years, provides the player with complete immersion, increased enjoyment and a unique competitive advantage based on the motion and vibration signals conveyed directly from the game’s telemetry. The D-BOX haptic experience is suitable for players of all calibres and for games of all intensities, and even to watch movies and TV series content available through our catalogue on D-BOX PLUS ,” said Sébastien Mailhot, President and CEO of D-BOX. “Razer is a global leading actor in the world of video games, and we are very pleased that we can collaborate with a company known worldwide for the quality of its products and for its commitment to the industry.”

The Razer Enki Pro Hypersense combines all-day comfort with D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptics to deliver ultimate true-to-life gaming immersion.

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