Teams and Pro Players Will Use Aim Lab For Player Assessment, Training, and Scouting

Aim Lab and Ubisoft announced to excited esports fans a multi-year partnership that will change the future of competitive play, by combining the world class gaming experience of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro Circuit with the next generation FPS skill training and player development platform, Aim Lab.

As the official player development platform of Rainbow Six Siege Esports, Aim Lab will be at the core of competitive Siege, analyzing player skill and using advanced machine learning to deliver actionable insights to discover the next generation of pro players. Rainbow Six Siege players will have access to the best in scientific training by using Aim Lab to improve their play and utilize this partnership to take themselves from novice to pro.

In year one, Aim Lab will take to the stage as a global partner for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro Circuit, being featured on live broadcasts across regional leagues and international Majors, including the Six Invitational. This will expand in year two with Aim Lab player stats integrated into the live broadcast to create amazing moments for Rainbow Six Esports fans and help teams to maximize their training and achieve the highest level of competitive play. Throughout the partnership, Ubisoft and Aim Lab will continue to explore new player training and development opportunities for the Rainbow Six Siege competitive ecosystem.

“We see Aim Lab as an amazing opportunity to bring innovation to esports, with an interactive training platform to both improve player skill, and provide a snapshot for league broadcast storytelling,” said Che Chou, Senior Director, Esports at Ubisoft. “Whether you’re a Rainbow Six Siege pro player or just aspiring to become one, Aim Lab will give us a baseline for how we celebrate player skill.”

To kick off the partnership, Aim Lab is launching its next Aim Lab Combine specifically tailored for Rainbow Six Siege players that will run from June 16-30, 2021. The Combine will comprise a total of six tasks designed to assess Siege players’ abilities around different scenarios, which helps players train skills in using lean mechanics more efficiently in firefights, gaining entry into heated situations, scanning, trigger control, recoil control, and crosshair placement. Each player will receive a shareable Player Card that will feature four core stats–accuracy, speed, reaction time, and tracking–and an Aim Lab Combine score. The scores will also be featured on an Aim Lab Combine ranking system split into task-specific leaderboards and an overall leaderboard.

Additionally, Aim Lab will have its own exclusive weapon skin inside of Rainbow Six Siege called the Aim Lab 24 KARAT which can be won as a prize for playing the Aim Lab Combine. The skin is available for the AUG A2 weapon, equipped by the operators Wamai and IQ.

“Aim Lab is excited to help the amazing player base of R6 achieve even greater levels of skill by utilizing our analytic systems and training tools to identify and develop new talent and supercharge existing professional players.” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder of Aim Lab. “We feel confident that our partnership will ensure that R6 players continue to be seen as some of the best FPS players for years to come.”

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