Gen.G Esports has teamed up with Toyota for hosting “Toyota Sienna Dream Builds,” a week-long Minecraft build competition centered around the theme “Let’s Go Places in Your Dream Ride.” The competition started on 26 March 2021.

The theme of the build competition, “Let’s Go Places in Your Dream Ride” encourages players to build their ultimate dream ride heading to their favorite destinations. Builders who embrace creativity and think outside the box will be rewarded.

The competition will close on April 1, when the top 10 builds will be chosen by a panel of featured talent. Top 10 builds will all receive prizes, with the ultimate grand build walking away with a PlayStation 5. Other prizes include a Nintendo Switch and gift cards. Top builds will be selected by Gen.G with input from talent including RyGuyRocky, PeterParkTV, OMGChad, Jessica Kim, and AndyIsYoda.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Sienna Dream Builds competition, and it’s so awesome to see companies like Toyota recognize the value that gaming has to connect such a broad audience,” Gen.G Creator Jessica Kim said.

“Gaming has become a regular part of mainstream entertainment and is a fantastic way to build connections. We’re excited to partner with Toyota for this competition to not only build vans, but also showcase the creativity and uniqueness within the community, creating new family connections,” Martin Kim, VP of Strategic Partnerships with Gen.G, said.