Esports titles selected for all MSSA’s Premier Provincial and National Championships – 2023

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Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has a selection process through which all esports titles are selected for use at Provincial and National Championships.

The process takes into account those titles which are used at International Esports Federation (IESF) World Championships, the titles used at Global Esports Federation (GEF) Championships, and those esports titles which are popular among the member clubs.

But saying an esports title is popular is not enough. Just because a title is popular online among recreational gamers, does not make it popular among the hard-core competitive esports athletes who will attend LAN and/or Online championships.

Thus, for any esports title to be considered for consideration to be included in Provincial and National Championships at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), at least one Regional Championship must be held in such esports title to prove that it is able to attract competitive esports athletes to a single venue.

With MSSA having a greater commitment than ever before to participating in both IESF and GEF, MSSA has approved more esports titles for Provincial and National championships than ever before.

It is also important for parents and athletes to check the age restriction of the esports title in which the athlete intends to participate. Age restrictions are non negotiable and underaged athletes shall not be permitted to participate.

It should also be noted that changes may be made to the line-up in exceptional cases. If IESF and/or GEF selects a title not on the list for use at its World Championships, then MSSA shall include such title.

A lot of time has been invested in determining the esports titles for 2023, and the comprehensive list is as follows:

Period/genre Title Platform Age restriction Players
CODM Mobile 18 4 v 4
CS GO PC 16 5 v 5
PUBGM Mobile 17 1 v 1
FIFA ’23 Console 12 1 v 1
eFootball 2023 (Konami) Console 12 1 v 1
Rocket League PC 12 1 v 1
Sim racing – Assetto Corsa Competizione PC 12 1 v 1
DotA 2 PC 12 5 v 5
Clash Royale Mobile 12 1 v 1
League of Legends PC 12 5 v 5
Clash of Clans Mobile 12 1 v1
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile 12 4 v 4
Tekken 7 Console 16 1 v 1
Street Fighter V Console 12 1 v 1
Card HearthStone Various 12 1 v 1
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