IESF and ITTI to Award Scholarships for Interactive Esports Course

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IESF and ITTI High Tech Institute will announce the winners at the WE Championships Finals in Bali

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has signed a contract with the ITTI High Tech Institute, in collaboration with the Barcelona Innovation Hub, to award four full scholarships worth 8,000 EUR each for the World Esports Championships athletes and five partial scholarships to esports enthusiasts for an online interactive esports course.

The scholarships are available for athletes competing at the upcoming World Esports Championships Finals, as well as to the public. Applications will be accepted from November 23 until December 2, with the winners set to be announced at the WE Championships Finals in Bali, Indonesia.

In addition to the interactive esports course, which starts on January 17 and runs through end of June, participants will also have the opportunity to attend an in-person one-week boot camp in Barcelona and receive an invitation to the Sports Tomorrow Congress. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion from ITTI and the Barcelona Innovation Hub.

IESF Secretary General Boban Totovski said: “IESF is proud to partner with the ITTI High Tech Institute and the Barcelona Innovation Hub to award these scholarships and provide members of the World Esports Family with an opportunity to further advance their knowledge and passion for esports. IESF remains committed to promoting sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide through initiatives like this, and we look forward to awarding the scholarships in Bali.”

ITTI Sports CEO Daniel Pintó Said: I am delighted to announce this partnership with IESF, a brilliant organization that is helping to improve this amazing industry of esports which has no limits. Within this agreement, we will allow all the fanatics of esports to become a professional in the sector giving them the benefit to study the unique program of esports management with our partner, Barça Innovation Hub.

IESF recently concluded the regional qualifiers for the WE Championships, and the Finals will get underway in Bali on December 2, with a record 106 nations set to compete. The World Esports Family will come together once again after this year’s successful World Esports Summit, which brought together over 200 stakeholders from the esports ecosystem to discuss critical issues and the future of responsible esports worldwide.

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