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The International Esports Federation (IESF) is celebrating its complete, geographically diverse Board featuring 19 members, with representatives from each of IESF’s four continental federations.

In just two years, the IESF Executive Board has grown from six members to 19, representing its strong commitment to inclusivity and uniting the entire World Esports Family. The IESF board serves to bring together Esports stakeholders to achieve a united ecosystem for the proper development of gaming worldwide. In 2022, IESF formed a new commission – Equity Commission, led by Diana Tjong.

IESF was created by the Esports community, and the Executive Board will help expand IESF’s network of Esports stakeholders to build strong relationships and secure valuable partnerships.

IESF Executive Board:

  1. Vlad Marinescu – Hungary (President)
  2. Alex Kim – Korea (Vice President)
  3. Boban Totovski – Macedonia (General Secretary)
  4. Daniel Cossi – Brasil
  5. Ido Brosh – Israel
  6. Constantine Surkont – Russia
  7. Nalain Naidoo – Switzerland
  8. HH Sheik Sultan – UAE
  9. Tiffani Lim – Malaysia
  10. Shengie Tian – China
  11. Tiago Fernandes – Portugal
  12. Emmanuel Oyelakin – Nigeria
  13. Alexander Ospina – Colombia
  14. Tommy Hermawan Lo – Indonesia
  15. Steve Kim – Sebastian – Hong Kong
  16. Prince Faisal – Saudi Arabia
  17. Diana Tjong – Indonesia
  18. Stephan Carapiet – Philippines


Each IESF Executive Board is elected by its National Member Federations and athlete representatives to ensure every voice is heard and represented. This year on December 6, at the OGM in Bali, IESF will hold new presidential and board elections where delegates from 110 national federations will be present to democratically give their vote.