New Kaspersky ecosystem targets growing cloud security needs


Kaspersky has introduced its new product, Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security, aimed at enhancing protection and performance for cloud-based environments.

“With the introduction of Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security, we offer a solution that delivers exceptional protection and performance for our customers,” stated Timofey Titkov, head of Cloud & Network Security Product Line at Kaspersky, during a media release. He emphasized that the goal is to empower organizations to bolster their cloud security, protect critical assets, and achieve regulatory compliance with ease.

Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security Features

Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security is designed to simplify cloud migration and provide cost-effective, ready-to-use security. It enables customers to choose specific capabilities needed to protect workloads across various environments—whether they are physical, virtualized, or containerized—within private, public, or hybrid clouds. The solution also ensures continuous compliance with regulatory standards for cloud infrastructures.

A recent study by cybersecurity provider Kaspersky revealed that approximately 85% of surveyed organizations plan to increase their cloud service usage over the next five years. This anticipated rise in cloud adoption underscores the need for robust security measures.

Addressing Hybrid and Containerized Environments

The expansion into hybrid cloud environments and containerized development demands effective security solutions. Kaspersky’s new offering addresses this by integrating Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security and Kaspersky Container Security into a cohesive ecosystem that provides layered defense against various cyber threats, including malware, phishing, and rogue containers during runtime. This system is designed to work seamlessly with existing Kaspersky products, offering a comprehensive approach to managing cybersecurity risks.

Benefits of the New Ecosystem

Kaspersky’s new ecosystem enhances a business’s capability to automate security compliance checks and accelerate product time-to-market through more efficient security evaluations. Internal tests by Kaspersky have shown that this technology can reduce the consumption of virtualization hardware resources by up to 30% when securing private clouds. This optimization ensures that performance is maintained without compromising the integrity of the cluster.

This suite of solutions from Kaspersky not only meets the growing demand for cloud services but also addresses the complex security challenges posed by modern cloud deployments, providing businesses with the tools they need to stay secure in an evolving digital landscape.