Collaboration to Establish Standards and Certification Program for UGV Cybersecurity


Neya Systems, known for its off-road autonomy and mission planning software, has partnered with the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) to launch a pioneering initiative.

This collaboration aims to establish a cybersecurity and supply chain framework alongside a certification program specifically tailored for uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs). The goal is to set rigorous standards and testing protocols that will bolster the security, performance, and reliability of UGVs and robotics.

The joint effort addresses the increasing demand for standardized evaluation and certification processes for UGVs. By the conclusion of 2024, Neya Systems and AUVSI intend to roll out a robust cybersecurity and supply chain verification framework backed by industry expertise. This framework, coupled with a voluntary certification program, will concentrate on enhancing protection measures, facilitating mitigation and recovery strategies, and ensuring adaptability for autonomous ground vehicles.

Kurt Bruck, vice president of Neya Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the cybersecurity certification program, emphasizing its pivotal role in establishing industry norms to safeguard UGVs against unauthorized access. The partnership with AUVSI is viewed as instrumental in fostering innovation and cultivating trust across the industry, ultimately enhancing the safety and dependability of autonomous systems.

Neya Systems leverages its expertise in implementing the Department of Defense’s Zero Trust cybersecurity principles within its autonomy software. Meanwhile, AUVSI draws upon insights from its Cyber Working Group and Ground Advocacy Committee, which have previously contributed to the development of the AUVSI Green UAS framework. This framework, recognized by the Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit, serves as a verification method for compliance with NDAA requirements for drones.

Casie Ocaña, director of trusted programs at AUVSI, underscored the growing necessity for standards and certifications in the realm of uncrewed systems, particularly with the rapid evolution and integration of autonomous vehicles and robotics. AUVSI aims to leverage its Trusted Cyber framework to offer a solution that verifies and supports compliance among ground vehicle and robotics companies, thereby advancing a future that is both safe and reliable for these technologies.