Infinidat Unleashes Storage, Cybersecurity Updates


Infinidat is revamping its storage lineup with a fresh array of all-flash and hybrid systems, along with a controller upgrade initiative and expanded compatibility for its operating system in Microsoft Azure.

Infinidat touts substantial performance enhancements in its InfiniBox G4 hybrid and SSA G4 all-flash systems compared to their predecessors. Introducing the InfiniBox SSA G4 F1400T model, the company offers a more compact option starting at 155 TB of usable capacity in a 14RU space, contrasting with the 400 TB minimum capacity of its next smallest system. Additionally, the new InfiniBox G4 F4420, equipped with 20 TB drives, ramps up usable capacity to 3.17 PB, exceeding the maximum of the next largest 4400 model by over 1 PB.

Infinidat’s latest InfiniVerse Mobius controller upgrade program enables customers with service contracts to seamlessly transition to the latest controller technology at no additional expense.

Eric Herzog, Infinidat’s CMO, underscores the uniqueness of their controller upgrade program in the high-end storage market, citing its prevalence mainly in mid-range solutions.

Moreover, Infinidat extends its InfuzeOS Cloud Edition to Microsoft Azure, complementing its existing AWS support. The Cloud Edition mirrors the on-premises InfuzeOS but is limited to a single cloud node, without extending on-prem performance guarantees. Infinidat identifies disaster recovery testing, general-purpose cloud storage, and cloud-based backup as primary use cases for the Cloud Edition.

Infinidat also bolsters its storage offerings with cyber resilient capabilities:

  • InfiniSafe Automated Cyber Protection (ACP): Facilitates integration of arrays into Security Operations Centers (SOC) and other cybersecurity applications.
  • InfiniSafe Cyber Detection for VMware: Extends cybersecurity features to VMware environments.
  • InfiniSafe Cyber Detection for InfiniGuard: Augments Infinidat’s backup appliance with scanning and indexing for enhanced data integrity.

Chris Evans, principal analyst at Architecting IT, commends Infinidat’s distinct leadership in offering an automated enterprise storage cyber protection solution.

Ryan Walker, CIO of Net3 Technology, praises Infinidat’s reliability and innovation, highlighting its seamless performance since their transition in 2021. Walker expresses interest in the increased capacity and cybersecurity features, particularly for disaster recovery and backup services.

In summary, Infinidat’s latest updates aim to provide enhanced storage performance, flexibility, and robust cybersecurity features to address the evolving needs of modern data management and protection.