Mystic Medicinal Exclusive Strains are Potent as They are Pungent, Sticky as They are Stinky


At Mystic Medicinal we pride ourselves on our exclusive and classic collections of craft cannabis strains we’ve curated and brought to Oklahoma dispensaries. With our exclusive strains, we handpicked genetics along with forum based group efforts, ensuring we’ve found the most original strains, and the best phenotypes of each strain chosen.

While all of our rare boutique strains produce beautiful crystally nugs, each of our exclusive strains have their own distinct robust flavor and fragrant aroma profiles. You can really taste every flavor upon inhaling and consuming the flower.

Our Sativa Dominant Hybrid strains, Sour Lemon Cake and Lemon Granita have quickly become Oklahoma medical marijuana patient favorites. Sour Lemon Cake is a Sour Banana Sherbert x Lemon Cheesecake cross, and is exactly what it sounds like it should be. Sour, lemon, and cheesecake taste notes. Delicious! Our Lemon Granita is sweet and sugary, like a sweet lemonade drink due to its Lemon Jack x Frozen Marg cross, and always receives high lab results for the terpene Myrcene.

“You’ve answered the dream of what this stuff should be like.  This Lemon Granita is like a memory confirmed.” – Anonymous Patient

Our Indica Dominant Hybrid, Fro Sho, is a world exclusive dropping soon. It’s a Frozay x Magnum Opus cross with beautiful dark contrasting buds covered in trichomes. Tight nug formations with a floral rose and berries sweet aroma and flavor.

Our Kashmir Cookies hybrid strain is a bold, earthy, double back crossed Afghani x Girl Scout Cookies cross. The leaves turn black six days before harvest, and the buds are colorful producing a savory smell. A unique and very rare strain.

Our Chocolate Gelato is a hybrid Chocolate Eruption x Gelato 41 cross strain that has taste notes that make you think of chocolate and creamy, with a really gassy chocolate funk that you don’t see in most chocolate labeled strains.

Master grower Josh Freeman’s style of cultivation requires that buds are never sprayed with pesticides of any kind, organic or otherwise, all while focusing on terpenes and overall effect. This allows every harvested Mystic Medicinal bud to go directly to a top shelf. Expect a wide variety of flavors from tangy to savory, sour to creamy. Every nug is big, beautiful, consistent, and a frosty trichome covered medical marijuana masterpiece.

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