People Science, the Consumer Health Learning and Organizing Ecosystem.  In this study, participants can sign up online and are empowered to participate from home to evaluate a cannabinoid product for sleep. CHLOE is a modular software technology that combines a consumer-facing mobile app with a rigorous high-quality clinical research platform.

Woven Science co-led the People Science Seed-1 investment round in 2021, recognizing the need for rigorous and affordable clinical research services in their mission to improve health and wellness for individuals.  Drug development, indigenous reciprocity, care delivery, and community are central to Woven Science’s plan to transform mental healthcare.

“We are thrilled about partnering with People Science to leverage their decades of clinical research experience and value of the humanistic approach to technology-driven research”, said Giles Hayward, Co-founder and President of Woven Science.  “We plan to differentiate our nutraceutical products with the scientific evidence our customers are looking for.”

People Science will recruit, enroll, and support study participants. In addition, People Science will deliver eConsent, eSource, and ePRO capabilities through its comprehensive clinical trial platform, CHLOE, the industry’s first platform purpose-built to support consumer-centered, alternative medicine virtual studies. The technology-based approach enables patients to participate from home and increases efficiency and objective data collection for researchers, since wearable technology data and sleep assessments will be collected and administered virtually through CHLOE.

“Our people-forward technology solution for affordable rigorous clinical research is a market differentiator for our partners at Woven Science.” said Belinda Tan MD, PhD, Co-CEO of People Science, “We have an aligned vision that empowering people with the tools of science will support consumers on their own path to wellness and will change the landscape of our knowledge about alternative medicines.”

The decentralized virtual clinical research model is becoming a standard of clinical research. This model is well suited for cannabis and cannabinoid research as legalization continues to expand consumer access to these important and complex medicines. The People Science approach and the CHLOE research platform is designed to support a wide range of scientific inquiry – from “n-of-1” studies to observational cohort studies to registrational trials that will be submitted to the FDA.  People Science is committed to empowering participants to discover for themselves what works best for them.