Djot, the “Keurig of cannabis” unveils newest Djot Dispenser design with stylish, functional features for precise and discreet cannabis dosing


Innovative Canadian tech startup, Djot, unveiled today the latest design of its industry-leading Djot Dispenser; the newly-designed dispensing technology delivers personalized and precise cannabis dosing at the touch of a button.

The patented Djot Dispenser, dubbed the “Keurig of cannabis” precisely delivers doses of one to 10mg of water-soluble THC and CBD concentrate into any beverage for a truly tailored cannabis experience. The disruptive technology eliminates concerns of smoke and vapour inhalation and offers added discretion for health and wellness consumers.

The latest Djot Dispenser design features new sleek, bevelled contours with a larger display screen, streamlined button functionality, ergonomic rubber casing, and safety passcode. The easy-to-use device is complete with new light indicators displaying when the device is calibrated and ready to use.

“Working with a boutique industrial design company, we wanted to take our innovative technology and execute it in a way that elevates the overall consumer experience to best-in-class,” said Elad Barak, CEO of Djot.  “The new design is sleek and ergonomic, fitting nicely in your hand, pocket or purse. It features a large colour screen with a comfortable silicone grip cover.”