Thrive Agritech, Inc., a technology company and leader in LED horticulture lighting, announced today the market release of the new 840W Pinnacle HP LED grow light.

The 840W Pinnacle HP light builds upon the success of Thrive Agritech’s 600W Pinnacle light, which has been installed by leading multi-state operators across North America. The key benefit of the 840W Pinnacle HP light is that it delivers even higher intensities on the canopy while requiring fewer lights. Indoor cannabis growers can easily reach 1,500-2,000 PPFD, while greenhouse operators can achieve their supplemental lighting goals with fewer lights and less shadowing. Pinnacle HP utilizes leading-edge LED chip technology that generates an ideal combination of power and efficiency with a spectrum optimized for plant health and crop yield.

Thrive Agritech CEO, Brian Bennett, commented, “Pinnacle HP is a transformational LED light for our controlled environment agriculture customers. It provides substantially more output than even the best double-ended 1,000W HPS lights, and does it with much higher energy efficiency, far longer lifetime, and less maintenance – all while providing our customers with exceptional plant health and crop yields.”

As with all Thrive Agritech products, Pinnacle HP is IP66 waterproof, UL8800 certified for safety, and comes with a standard 5-year warranty.