CoinShares (“the Company”) (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: CS; US OTCQX: CNSRF), Europe’s largest digital asset investment firm with US$3.3bn* in AUM, today announced the launch of two physically-backed ETPs on Germany’s main market Xetra.

CoinShares Physical Chainlink (Ticker: CCHA) and CoinShares Physical Uniswap (Ticker: CIWP) have been built to leverage the Company’s technology platform, Galata, which connects CeFi platforms to digital asset protocols and markets and will allow investors to capture the growth and continued adoption of new form financial services replicated on cryptocurrency rails.

CoinShares Physical Chainlink

  • Management Fee: 1.50% p.a.
  • ISIN:  GB00BMWB4910
  • Ticker: CCHA

Chainlink is an oracle protocol designed to bridge real-world information to the smart contracts running on a blockchain platform. While often serving as a key foundational support in general crypto applications, Chainlink is a primary data provider for exchange, lending, and asset management protocols. As a result, Chainlink price feeds are a critical reference point in the integrity of DeFi markets, providing the information necessary to trigger liquidation, mint/burn operations, and settle derivative agreements.

CoinShares Physical Uniswap

  • Management Fee: 1.50% p.a.
  • ISIN:  GB00BNRRG624
  • Ticker: CIWP

Launched in 2018, Uniswap is a tenured exchange application that remains the leader in enabling users to transact digital assets within a cryptocurrency platform. Uniswap’s novel design enables users to both trade and provide the liquidity that supports trading activities within its application, creating a two-sided and self-sustaining marketplace whereby liquidity providers share in the revenue generated by traders’ fees. To sum up, Uniswap is a leading alternative to centralized exchanges.

Frank Spiteri, CoinShares’ Chief Revenue Officer, commented on the news, “As the digital assets sector evolves, so too does investor interest in protocols beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. A more thematic approach to digital assets is emerging amongst those most familiar with crypto, and we expect that trend to continue as research and investor education improves. We are excited to add both Chainlink and Uniswap to our lineup of ETPs, allowing investors to access specific key areas of the digital asset ecosystem via cost-effective, listed regulated products.”

This double launch brings the total number of ETPs listed by CoinShares so far in 2022 to seven. Last week, the firm announced the launch of CoinShares FTX Physical FTX Token in partnership with leading regulated cryptocurrency exchange FTX, with seed capital of approximately US$40M.