Cannabotech’s IntegrativePain products show an 80%-100% reduction in inflammatory pain


Cannabotech, a biomedical company that develops medical products based on cannabis and fungal extracts, has reported study results which show that using mushroom compounds in conjunction with cannabinoids achieves an 80%-100% reduction in pain sensation.

Furthermore, adding defined concentrations of other cannabinoids allowed using lower concentrations of THC to achieve very high medical efficacy.

The treatment is expected to be launched in Israel, US and UK in the second half of 2022 and be incorporated as part of Cannabotech’s Integrative Oncology solutions concept, with existing therapeutic protocols. This would coincide with conventional chemotherapy while providing supportive scientific information to physicians.

Currently, around 50%-80% of cancer patients receive additional integrative treatment alongside chemotherapy (mainly herbal products, including cannabis). The key reasons for using integrative products include strengthening the immune system, improving treatment efficacy and reducing adverse events.[1],[2]

The mouse model study of inflammatory pain examined the efficacy of IntegrativePain products designed to reduce pain, including those emanating from an inflammatory source like arthritis, back pain or chemotherapy side-effects.

The results clearly showed that adding cannabinoids to THC and CBD significantly increases medical efficacy. The products’ uniqueness lies in its capacity to achieve high efficacy with low THC / high CBD concentrations combined with defined concentrations of other cannabinoids like THCV and CBG constructed to reach maximum medical efficiency, without the undesired “high.” Moreover, the results showed a significant decrease in pain intensity independent of a direct decreased inflammatory magnitude, suggesting that the products immediately affect pain mechanisms on top of their anti-inflammatory activity.

Furthermore, the fungal composition, made up of seven extracts from different mushrooms, achieved very high efficacy by itself, as did the cannabinoids, with impressive pain-relieving results on their own. As the Company expected, the fungal and cannabinoid combined achieved a stronger effect than each individually. This result reinforces Cannabotech’s claim that treating the endocannabinoid system (using cannabinoids) jointly with other systems, like the immune system (using mushrooms), achieves an increased and more potent medical effect than each of these components individually.

The experiment also emphasized the importance of tailoring treatment, with Cannabotech developing three pain-treatment formulas: one for pain from an inflammatory source; another for pain from a neuropathic origin; and a third for pain from integrated sources. Indeed, this experiment demonstrated different products’ efficacy on the inflammation and pain emanating from inflammatory sources, as well as variations in efficacy between products when it came to reducing pain from an inflammatory source, as tested in the study. Cannabotech is currently developing a personalization system to provide physicians with the information to help them make informed and customized decisions using IntegrativePain products.

IntegrativePain products are part of Cannabotech’s Integrative Oncology product series designed to treat cancer patients and chemotherapy’s side-effects. The trial is part of a series of studies conducted by Cannabotech on all Integrative Oncology products, which are expected to end within a few months.

Cannabotech CEO Elhanan Shaked said: “This is a significant milestone in Cannabotech’s growth to becoming a leader in integrative oncology medicine. The integrative products developed by Cannabotech are intended for use in combination with chemotherapy treatment in several cancers, and form part of the Company’s goal to define a new standard for the medical cannabis industry.

“Pain is the leading indication amongst medical cannabis users. However, while most products on the market are inflorescences-based cannabis with high THC concentrations, Cannabotech presents a different, oil-based concept rich in other active ingredients, whose unique composition shows outstanding results without the unwanted side effects.”

Dr. Isaac Angel, Cannabotech’s pharmacological consultant, said: “Pain is one of the central problems the healthcare industry has been attempting to solve for decades. Most pain patients’ aches emanate from a combined, partly inflammatory source, which significantly impairs their quality of life. Cannabotech’s products have shown heightened efficiency in the current mouse model. We are encouraged by these results, which constitute another important milestone in proving the scientific feasibility of the products. We will continue to work to provide a cure for patients.”

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