Ghost Drops Bringing Legacy Partners to the Legal Market

Ghost Drops continues to execute its core business strategy, the mass conversion of legacy consumers to the legal market. Today the company announces plans to commercialize collaborations with four of the most influential legacy brands in Canada: Unlicensed Producer, Headwater Cannabis, 6ixotics, and Slurmmm Melts.

Delivering on its promise of “No Ghost Left Behind,” legacy brand house Ghost Drops is forging the path for legacy cannabis producers to launch their superior products into the legal market.

Gene Bernaudo, Ghost Drops CEO, says the company’s rapid moves to secure these legacy partnerships should surprise no-one.

“This is who Ghost Drops is. This is the model we were built on. And now we’re bringing this proven model of success to the legal market, for the benefit of the industry and the consumer,” he says.

“We are committed to improving the cannabis landscape in Canada. By providing a legal outlet for the best producers in the legacy market, we’re improving the quality and diversity of cannabis on dispensary shelves. By doing this, we’re actually changing the market itself because we’ll be converting legacy consumers to legal consumers.”

Under the Ghost Drops brand umbrella, the company plans to commercialize multiple products from its new partners.

With Unlicensed Producer (UP), Ghost Drops plans to commercialize three exclusive award-winning genetics: Banana Punch, Tiger Cake, and Ghost Drops Haze (formally known as Ghost Train Haze). Ghost Drops has also committed to helping UP launch as a stand-alone brand by mid-2022.

Unlicensed Producer: “Ghost Drops has been our most trusted legacy partner. It only makes sense we make this move in partnership with them. We can’t wait to see our product in jars and finally available to millions of consumers across Canada.”

With Headwater, Ghost Drops has agreed to commercialize premium genetic Khalifa Mints along with several yet to-be-announced genetics, as well as committing to help launch Headwater Cannabis as a stand-alone brand before the end of 2022.

Headwater Cannabis: “What Ghost Drops is doing is literally changing the game as we know it in Canada. The Headwater team is proud to be a part of their transition and happy we can help deliver the fire to Canadian consumers.”

6ixotics has committed to providing Ghost Drops with several legacy genetics – yet to be announced – for commercialization, as well as serving as consultants on several projects.

6ixotics: “Together with Ghost Drops, we have teamed up to deliver a portfolio of high-quality products which have been developed and perfected in the legacy market.”

And, in what is potentially the most iconic collaboration in Canadian cannabis history, two powerhouses of the legacy market, Ghost Drops and Slurmmm Melts, have agreed to co-brand a line of exclusive concentrates derived from the most sought-after legacy genetics. The partnership – to be marketed as Ghost Drops x Slurmmm Melts – will be produced in collaboration with Slurmmm Melts’ licensed partner Old Growth Collective.

Slurmmm Melts: “The partnership with Ghost Drops shows the community that legacy players are dedicated to teaming up to disrupt the space. Slurmmm is committed to co-branding exclusive products with Old Growth Collective and Ghost Drops to bring the highest quality extracts to Canadian consumers coast to coast.”

With the scheduled addition of these partnerships to the Ghost Drops stable – which already includes breeder Cultivating Happiness – the company fortifies its position as Canada’s legacy brand house.

“This is just the beginning,” says Bernaudo. “Ghost Drops is committed to revolutionizing the Canadian cannabis industry for all. Our legacy partnerships are what made us famous in the legacy market and Ghost Drops will continue to provide an outlet for legacy brands to get to market.”

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