Canada’s leading independent third-party cannabis, nicotine, NHP, and soon-to-be food product testing company, Labstat International Inc., today announced the further expansion of their comprehensive cannabis testing capabilities, becoming the first laboratory to offer full-breadth regulatory testing, Canada-wide.

Since 1976, Labstat International Inc. has been recognized as one of the world’s leading consumer product testing laboratories, specializing in analytical chemistry, in-vitro toxicology, microbiology, and method development. Originally known for their capabilities in the nicotine space, Labstat established their cannabis testing operations in 2015. Building off their Edmonton, Alberta facility’s success; Labstat has now opened an all-new cannabis testing facility in Kitchener, Ontario which will help to further service their full Canadian clientele nation-wide, across multiple geographic locations.

Labstat has significantly evolved their cannabis testing capabilities to address most of the commonly sought-after industry-wide client demands. They did this by building a brand new, state-of-the-art facility using unmatched automation, completely data-driven, able to satisfy the highest throughput and volume, and was designed by implementing and reapplying the proven principles of an ‘assembly line’ process.

“I’m proud to see our team further expand our cannabis offering as we open our new lab in Ontario. Since obtaining a license to conduct analytical testing for cannabis in 2019, we’ve remained committed to advancing our scientific capabilities and are well positioned to offer these services to our customers coast-to-coast. I’m excited for our future and the additional value this brings to our clients and the growing cannabis industry.” said Michael Bond, President of Labstat.

When considering cannabis testing capabilities, Labstat is at the forefront of excellence. Their operations are capable of testing all cannabinoid-based products including dried flower, extracts, isolates, edibles, and even cannabis health products. Going one step further, their validated and verified methodologies have proven to be highly proficient in obtaining consistently accurate results for microbiology, cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, loss on drying (moisture), foreign matter, terpene profiles, and nutrition panels. That said, Labstat has and will continue to proudly offer their clients with comprehensive emissions testing for all vape, heat-not-burn, and combustible products.

Labstat’s reputation for being a global leader has been well earned over the past 45 years of service. As a center for scientific excellence, Labstat is pleased to have over 10 PhD scientists on staff, over 50 GC/MS and over 9 LC/MS instrumentation systems, and a full team of statisticians readily available to assess and report on each project. When it comes to choosing a lab testing partner, Labstat ensures that you partner with excellence.


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