NaturalWorks enters co-ordinated partnership via TTS Pharma with Hertfordshire Trading Standards


NaturalWorks entered a co-ordinated partnership, via its primary supplier’s Primary Authority (PA) partnership with Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards. By joining the co-ordinated partnership, NaturalWorks have made a commitment to maintain the highest level of compliance through alignment of the following food supplement products to the Primary Authority advice:

  • 10% (1000mg) CBD in 10ml (product code: CBDOI1010)
  • 20% (2000mg) CBD in 10ml (product code: CBDOI1020)

This comes at a time when the UK CBD market is undergoing a period of rapid change as new legislation takes effect and a plethora of non-compliant products are being brought to task. NaturalWorks has ensured that they are at the forefront of these regulatory changes and their desire to be a major force in the burgeoning CBD/well-being arena.

At a time when consumers, trade customers and regulatory bodies are demanding greater transparency and due diligence, NaturalWorks has invested significant resources in compliance to enable the business to be future proofed against this changing landscape. This in turn allows consumers to make informed decisions, assure retailers of the quality, safety and operational standards of the brand and apply them to all aspects of the portfolio.

This co-ordinated partnership enables NaturalWorks to align with current regulations relating to the inclusion and use of CBD in food supplements, and provides the benchmark for future innovations and product introductions.

Similarly, NaturalWorks is proud to announce its membership with the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), the UK’s leading trade association in the industry.

Furthermore, NaturalWorks has introduced a QR code on all its products pack, which provides consumers the opportunity to download independent third party laboratory results for each batch. Consumers thus have access to greater information about the product they are using and ensures traceability and reassurance all around, providing another area where NaturalWorks are putting the consumer first!


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