dTelecom, an innovative DePIN working as a live streaming and real-time communication layer for apps and dApps, taps peaq as its layer-1 backbone, preparing to migrate from the Arbitrum ecosystem.
dTelecom, an innovative DePIN working as a live streaming and real-time communication layer for apps and dApps, taps peaq as its layer-1 backbone, preparing to migrate from the Arbitrum ecosystem.

dTelecom joins the peaq ecosystem as a DePIN for Web3 video streaming


peaq, the blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWAs, announces the expansion of its ecosystem as dTelecom, an innovative DePIN for audio and video conferencing and live streaming, joins to decentralize real-time communication. dTelecom will migrate to peaq to leverage it as its layer-1 backbone from the Arbitrum testnet, leveraging the peaq SDK and peaq IDs as part of its infrastructure. It will also deploy its core business logic on peaq and eventually launch its token on the network.

Video streaming has become a staple for the entertainment industry, with Netflix alone counting more than 260 million subscribers globally. The technology is also at the core of platforms such as Twitch, a popular live streaming platform, drawing in some 240 million people per month, and enables the ever-popular video meetings, from business discussions to family calls. With streamed video so central in our routines, it’s no wonder the market is expected to grow to almost $2.5 trillion by 2032. At the same time, though, its centralized nature creates a variety of issues, from centralized servers working as effective hacker honeypots to censorship and a lack of transparency.

dTelecom is building an alternative to centralized video and audio streaming protocols, putting the power back in the hands of the community. Its DePIN comprises community-operated nodes that enable decentralized distribution of live audio and video flows, working as a live-streaming and real-time communication layer for dApps and apps. The network powers a decentralized open-source Zoom-style video conferencing web app with rewards points for participation. Some of the other use cases it enables include a Web3 streaming platform and a voice chat for a play-to-earn game

As part of its integration with peaq, dTelecom will leverage peaq SDK, a versatile building kit for developers, to implement peaq IDs as the decentralized identities for network nodes and users. It will also migrate its smart contracts from the Arbitrum testnet to peaq, setting up a reward distribution mechanism on the network and enabling the nodes to migrate as well, while also onboarding for new nodes on peaq. Finally, it will run its Token Generation Event on peaq, launching natively on the layer-1 for DePINs.    

“We are changing the game for a whole variety of services and platforms that leverage audio and video streams with the DePIN model,” says Petr Malyukov, co-founder of dTelecom. “dTelecom can power anything from a Web3 Discord to a decentralized Netflix, and with peaq as its secure and scalable backbone, we are certain we can disrupt this billions-worth centralized market.”

“Live streaming is an exciting DePIN use case with a billions-worth potential market reach,” says Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq. “We are sure that dTelecom will create a lot of value as part of the peaq ecosystem and are looking forward to seeing it transform live-streaming as we know it.”

About peaq 

peaq is leading a global infrastructure revolution, empowering people to own and earn from mobility, energy, connectivity, environment, agriculture, and digital infrastructure. peaq is a layer-1 blockchain designed to be the go-to backbone for DePINs (real-world apps). It is home to more than 20 applications in 8 industries and to the 250,000+ devices, vehicles, machines and robots (Machine RWAs) that run on them. peaq serves as permissionless, borderless digital infrastructure for increasingly intelligent machines to serve all of humanity – the 100%, not just the 1% – democratizing abundance in the Age of AI and job automation.

For more information, visit peaq, follow peaq on Twitter/X for updates, and join the conversation on Discord.

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