FORMLESS Unveils Playlist Monetization on SHARE: Empowering Artists and Their Communities


Today, Formless, Inc. announced the availability of the latest version of Share, highlighted by playlist monetization – marking a significant advancement that empowers both artists and their communities. The groundbreaking capability enables users to earn money through playlist curation.

“At Formless, we believe in the power of collaboration and the value it brings to artists and their communities. Share is designed to redefine how music is shared, enjoyed, and monetized,” said Brandon Tory, CEO at Formless. “Share provides a way to ensure artists are paid fairly while empowering consumers to participate and monetize playlists in new ways.”

Consumers create playlists by utilizing the Share application. Once a playlist is created, the Share protocol ensures that payments and royalties are distributed to the respective artists according to their specified terms. Users have the flexibility to set the price of their playlists. This model incentivizes revenue sharing and provides a fair compensation structure for all participants.

Transactions on Share are completed using seamless payment methods, including digital currencies, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit cards. Funds are directly transferred to the artists, while curators retain any surplus, fostering a sustainable and rewarding music ecosystem.

By leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology, Share ensures that all financial transactions occur instantly and automatically, eliminating the need for traditional royalty accounting.

As Share continues to evolve, Formless is committed to streamlining the playlisting process, allowing for more straightforward song additions and enhanced playlist customization.

View the demo showcasing playlist curation and monetization.

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