Gate Group Launches 10th Anniversary Special Charity Campaign: Gate Charity 1:1 Donation, Double Your Impact


Gate Charity, a global non-profit philanthropic organization, announces the launch of Special Charity Campaign “Gate Charity 1:1 Donation, Double Your Impact” in celebration of Gate Group’s 10th anniversary, aiming to support charitable causes that make a real difference in the world.

As Gate Group commemorates its 10th anniversary, the firm invites users to join forces in the Gate Charity Special Charity Campaign to support projects that significantly improve people’s lives. Gate Charity is committed to doubling the impact of every contribution through a 1:1 match donation, allowing donors to create an even greater positive impact on people in need.

“The 10th anniversary is a significant milestone for Gate Group, and we would like to celebrate it by contributing to the welfare of the global community,” said Dr. Lin Han, Founder & CEO at Gate Group. “With your help and Gate Charity’s 1:1 matching donation, we can make a greater impact in supporting various charitable programs and causes across the globe.”

The Gate 10th Anniversary – Gate Charity Special Charity Campaign will direct the funds raised towards three exceptional causes: World Vision, Charity: Water, and Room to Read. By donating to these causes, supporters can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities in need.

For users who donate to World Vision, their contributions will go towards sponsoring children in need worldwide through established charitable organizations. As part of the Gate Group 10 for 10 Education Initiative, Room to Read aims to improve access to education and literacy programs for underserved communities. Lastly, supporting Charity: Water will aid in providing clean water to vulnerable communities worldwide, fostering health, education, and economic opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2013, Gate Group has remained committed to providing users with safe, convenient, professional, and reliable digital asset services. While pursuing platform growth, quality services to global users, and furthering crypto adoption remain a top priority, Gate has not forgotten the importance of social responsibility.

As Gate Group serves users globally, it began organizing philanthropic actions worldwide with the vision of leveraging blockchain for positive social impact. To better realize that vision, Gate Group established Gate Charity, a global non-profit charity organization focusing on promoting the application of blockchain technology in philanthropy.


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